[b-hebrew] Upgrade of the Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex to Build 21.0

Christopher Kimball transcriber at tanach.us
Sat Jul 3 22:16:21 EDT 2010

The Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex at


has been updated to Version 4.14 of the Westminster Leningrad Codex 
(WLC) maintained by the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical 
Research by Kirk E. Lowery and Stephen K. Salisbury. This version was 
received 1 July 2010 and contains 16 changes in vowels, 49 changes in 
accents, and 60 changes in morphological divisions.

The transcription notes of the WLC have been significantly changed. One 
type of note (t) has been removed and 6 new types of notes (k, n, v, C, 
P, V) have been added to improve specificity. Notes C, P, V indicate 
differences with the Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ). The number of 
transcription notes has been reduced from 1093 to 1034 by these changes. 
The geresh markers (׳) surrounding notes have neen eliminated; compound 
notes are comma-separated.

The Hebrew text is now available in text files without markup in 
addition to the existing files with XML markup. The files are available 
by clicking on the book name on the Home page and then clicking on the 
"View the ... file." link on the resulting page. The text files are an 
official repository of the Groves Center for the Westminster Leningrad 
Codex in Unicode.

Please report any anomalies so they can be repaired quickly.

Chris Kimball
West Redding, CT

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