[b-hebrew] When did theophoric (-)'il become (-)'el?

Garth Grenache garthgrenache at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 3 05:18:30 EDT 2010

Dear all,

'el  "god" (and the theophoric element -'el as in Shamu'el, Yisra'el...) is cognate with 'il- in other Semitic languages.

When did 'il become 'el in the history of Hebrew?

What evidence is there, for example in Akkadian transliterations, that Hebrew 'el was once pronounced 'il- just as in other Semitic languages?

What evidence is there that 'el always had 'e' in Hebrew (names, etc.) though other Semitic languages had 'il-, ill-...?

Any evidence anyone can offer would be appreciated.

Garth Grenache,

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