[b-hebrew] Evidence for three-syllables in the Tetragrammaton (was Re: [Can theophopric names with Yeho prefixes be derived from Yehovah or maybe from Yehowah or maybe from "Yahweh"?)

Garth Grenache garthgrenache at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 2 20:40:05 EDT 2010

One has suggested that Yho- and -yahu represent
 the first two of three supposed syllables in YHWH.
This suggestion seems to ignore that long o: can come
 from semivowel-vowel combinations
  such as -aw- in yawm > yom
  and -wa- in 'achwat > 'achot.
Also, what vowel fills this proposed middle syllable?
 Yeho-'s 'o:', or -yahu's 'u:'?
Choose either of these, and how did the other come about?

Another has shown that the second vowel of the theophorics
 needn't preceed the 'w':
  Yahwo could become yaho: or yahu:
Is it by loss of the final o that Yahwo could become yahu: ?

I suggest that
 Yahwa- -> Yho:-
 -yahw- + u (case marker) -> -yahu:

This explains the regularity of the difference in the vowels of Yho- and -yahu.

Garth Grenache,
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