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The "Hebrew is dead" thread has been closed, and this applies to sub-threads under different subject lines as well. And, this is not a list for discussing modern Hebrew. It can be used to clarify or compare, but its development compared to Irish is to far afield.

And do all have a good 20ll CE/AD or whatever.

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On Thu, 30 Dec 2010 13:45:19 -0800, K Randolph wrote
> Nir:

> You may not have caught it, being an Israeli living in Brazil, but the Irish have adopted English. The native Gaelic survives in only a few isolated corners of the land, and even there its survival is tenuous.

thanks karl. i knew the general trend, and joyce, but did not have exact data.

> As for when Orthodox Jews started thinking that Hebrew was too holy to speak in daily affaires, that I don’t know.
> Karl W. Randolph. 

this question may have bearing on some of the issues being discussed.

nir cohen

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