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Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Thu Dec 30 16:29:39 EST 2010


unfortunately tough circumstances may force a nation to make an 
illogical but necessary choice. especially under a complete loss
of national autonomy (the irish always enjoyed some amount of 

in jewish history there are two examples: the german language was used 
as a basis for yiddish, in spite of repeated pogroms they suffered in
germany. and spanish, as basis for ladino, in spite of the extinction
and exile of jews in spain and portugal. 

jewish orthodoxy today avoids the use of hebrew for daily matters. part of
jewish orthodoxy maintains this tradition even in israel. my question is:
can this be traced back to a precise historical moment?

nir cohen

> Suggesting that the Jews would adopt Aramaic is a bit like suggesting
that the Irish would adopt English. 
Kevin Riley

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