[b-hebrew] the dead returns

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Well, of course, Fred.  Neither Michael Klein nor Paul Kahl nor E. Y. Kutscher conferred with you. How negligent of the editors of the Genizah fragments.
Just as a minor note you may have missed somewhere, a text copied in 870 CE would have been copied from much earlier manuscripts which themselves had a pedigree back to 70 CE and prior.


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the language recorded in 870 a.d., מצרים implies the language spoken in 70 a.d., ישראל?

that sounds like a reasonable inference ... not


hebrews speaking english in jerusalem, arkansas, 2010, does not imply hebrews speaking english in ארץ ישראל in 2010.


fred burlingame

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  All of which confirm the article and, of course, there are more recent
  articles that basically give the same history.  Here are some recent

  The Targumym of the Cairo Genizah were indeed very important because they
  reflected a purer dialect and as edited by M. L. Klein and reported by the
  International Standard Bible Encyclopedia:
  the Cairo Genizah Targum fragments were "among the most important finds
  within the Genizah of the Ezra Synagogue in old Cairo" and P. Kahle believed
  that the textual fragments of the targums were REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ARAMAIC
  SPOKEN IN ISRAEL.  Of course, I am serious Yigal.

  Jack Kilmon

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    Jack, you're citing an article about Hebrew which was written in about 1900.
    Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, before most of the work on the
    Cairo Geniza had been published, before the discovery of Ugaritic etc. Let's
    please be serious!

    Yigal Levin

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