[b-hebrew] the dead returns

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Jack, you're citing an article about Hebrew which was written in about 1900.
Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, before most of the work on the
Cairo Geniza had been published, before the discovery of Ugaritic etc. Let's
please be serious!

Yigal Levin

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> fred,
> my allusion to aramaic, as well as to the recitation profession, was made 
> in the context of the masoretic texts, i.e. relevant to at least a couple 
> of centuries later.
> maybe i was missint the point of the thread, in which case you may just 
> ignore my non-expert input.
> as to your big question:
>> What language was the average hebrew speaking on the streets of nazareth 
>> in 64 a.d.?
> i cannot help you, but clearly some conclusion must have been reached
> by the historians of this period.
> nir cohen

Nir, the historians speak in the Encyclopedia Judaica:



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