[b-hebrew] FYI: Aramaic study

Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Tue Dec 28 18:23:24 EST 2010

Suggesting that the Jews would adopt Aramaic is a bit like suggesting 
that the Irish would adopt English.  It seems totally illogical and 
against common sense.  Now, should you point that out to the Irish or 
should I?

Or perhpas you misunderstand the relationship betwene the Jews and the 
speakers of Aramic?

Kevin Riley

On 29/12/2010 2:08 AM, fred burlingame wrote:
> hello karl;
> how, when and by whom the biblical hebrew language was consumed bear
> intimate relevance to the purposes of this forum, your inability to see it,
> notwisthstanding. perhaps your wish not to see it.
> and it's not my conclusion that the isaiah scroll would have been read
> in hebrew language and then in aramaic language in the synagogue in 10 a.d.,
> galilee. because the congregation understood no longer the hebrew language.
> jack's learned comments implied and/or stated that conclusion.
> my conclusion = aramaic, being the language of the congregation's bitter and
> historic enemies (just like the arab speaking people today), would no more
> have darkened the doorstep of the 10 a.d. synagogue ... than the arab
> language darkens the doorsteop of the 2010 a.d., synagogue ... in galilee.
> regards,
> fred burlingames.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/b-hebrew

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