[b-hebrew] be-ne vs. ve-ne

fred burlingame tensorpath at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 18:56:41 EST 2010

These geographically nearby excerpts (phrases) of the masoretic text seem to
alternate pronunciation back and forth of the same word as vocalized in the
subject line.

Can anyone identify which word requires "ve-ne" vocalization; and which word
instructs "be-ne" vocalization without reference to the pointed text?

1. למשפחת בני גלעד

2. ממשפחת בני יוסף

3. שבטי בני ישראל

4. את בני ישראל

5. מטה בני יוסף

Does the last letter in the word preceding בני dictate its pronunciation;
depending on that letter's status as consonant or vowel?

Your comments are appreciated.


fred burlingame

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