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I'm not discussing the meaning of the names, just one of the vowels in two
of them...  


I believe that there's a Kamatz Katan under LAMED in the father's name and
under HEIT in the 3rd daughter's name - hence, Tzelophhad (note that the
vowel of PH is Shva NaH) and Hogla (note that the vowel of GIMEL is Shva
NaH). I know that the translations of the first name is Tzelophehad as if PH
has a Shva Na, but the reason for the E could be in order to avoid a
situation of PHH. 


Any thoughts? 


Rivka Sherman-Gold


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Perhaps you might want to consider these etymologies:


Regarding Ts'laph'chadh: one existing in the shadow of agitation and fear


His daughter's names were  


Machlah = feeling dismayed 

              (MChL ~ Syriac = weaken, grow weak, fall ill, dismayed;
related to Hebrew ChLh) 


No/ah = holding oneself back 

              (~ NW/ = sift > restrain > N/L lock, N/M = withheld thing, MN/
= restrain)


Chagh'lah = making oneself go around in circles

               (ChGL = to go around)


Milkah = vacillation

                (MLK = to deliberate > be deliberate > rule > king)

                (see Akkadian consider, discuss, advise, look after, mind,


Teertsah = running away, making oneself disposed to something else or

                 (RWTs = to run)

                 (RTsH = show favor, be disposed to)


Thanks for your time, 


David Kolinsky

Monterey CA



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