[b-hebrew] FYI: Aramaic study

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Thu Dec 23 19:39:48 EST 2010

Firstly some correctives:

Aramaic was not the native language of the Babylonians. Akkadian was.

Aramaic was a widely spoken language throughout the fertile crescent. It was something of an international 'koine'.

The reason many Judeans adopted Aramaic was because they were forcibly migrated away from their homeland (Judah), and in order to communicate with the people around them, had to adopt a common language medium. That was Aramaic. This is not dissimilar to people of Japanese descent today migrating to the USA and speaking English (the language of England) there. My own family did the same when they migrated from Greece to Australia. I still speak to my parents in Greek, but English is my first language, and my parents can also speak English too.

It's really no big deal.

Moore Theological College (Sydney, Australia)

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