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George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Thu Dec 23 19:26:09 EST 2010

This comes largely via Randall Buth to correct some perceived mistakes in a recent thread that has been closed. The thread was closed due to the exchange becoming personal, but I've allowed this post because it deals strictly with the language issues. This will be the only post in this thread.


שדי אשתי קראים אתי ללון הלילה
appears to be good BH.

Nevertheless, this was alleged to be poor BH. Yet there were some mistakes made in doing so.

1. The first proposed corrective word קראונני incorrectly joins a 'long energic suffix' to a suffix conjugation. However, long energic suffixes belong to the prefix-conjugation stems.

2. Changing the form qore'im to qare'u is also a mistake, not because qare'u is wrong, but because qore'im is not wrong. Yet it was suggested that it was wrong. It is simply not true that participles always refer
to 'doers' and never to 'actions' as verbs.

3. Word order: the correct word order for choice of Hebrew words is לשכב הלילה li-shkab ha-layla.

4. The verb la-lun: It was proposed that the subject of ילין yalin (SS 1:13) was a bag of myrrh. But the verb la-lun only has human subjects in the Hebrew Bible, supporting "my beloved" as the intended subject of SS 1:13.

5. Apparent inconsistency: Karl "agreed" with Uri (who proposed לי as preferrable to אותי), but then Karl went on to use an accusative himself with the verb קרא. The accusative is not a mistake, of course, but 'agreeing that the accusative was wrong' is evidently erroneous.


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