[b-hebrew] Was the MT for public consumption?

fred burlingame tensorpath at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 17:57:41 EST 2010

perhaps that's because more than one name and/or one form of the
name, exists, in their learned opinion.


fred burlingame

On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 7:05 AM, David P Donnelly <davedonnelly1 at juno.com>wrote:

> George Athas writes:
> The question is: Was the Masoretic Text (MT), specifically the Leningrad
> Codex, produced for public consumption?
> Answer: It was produced (1) in order to preserve the text received; and
> (2) for Jewish liturgical purposes.
>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------
> Certainly The text of Leningrad Codex has certainly been  preserved
> intact.
> Certainly BHS texts derived from the Leningrad Codex have been used to
> translate many English Bibles used by English speaking Christians.
> However in 2010 is the text of the Leningrad Codex being used in
> Synagogues both in Jerusalem and all over the world?
> Dave Donnelly
> P.S.  The Leningrad Codex was certainly not preserved intact to solve any
> questions about the actual Hebrew name of the God of Israel, since six
> different variants of YHWH occur in the Leningrad Codex!
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