[b-hebrew] Was the MT for public consumption?

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Thu Dec 23 08:05:48 EST 2010

George Athas writes:

The question is: Was the Masoretic Text (MT), specifically the Leningrad
Codex, produced for public consumption?

Answer: It was produced (1) in order to preserve the text received; and
(2) for Jewish liturgical purposes.
Certainly The text of Leningrad Codex has certainly been  preserved

Certainly BHS texts derived from the Leningrad Codex have been used to
translate many English Bibles used by English speaking Christians.

However in 2010 is the text of the Leningrad Codex being used in
Synagogues both in Jerusalem and all over the world?

Dave Donnelly

P.S.  The Leningrad Codex was certainly not preserved intact to solve any
questions about the actual Hebrew name of the God of Israel, since six
different variants of YHWH occur in the Leningrad Codex!  
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