[b-hebrew] Was the MT for public consumption?

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Wed Dec 22 23:09:26 EST 2010


The intent to preserve 'orthodoxy' is within the scope of the religious and pietistic purpose of the Masoretes. However, your three points (a, b, c) do not necessarily lead to the conclusion you reach, namely that the MT was produced 'for exclusive consumption by teachers and rabbis'. There is no reason why it could not have a wider scope in mind. In fact, given the intent of preserving orthodoxy for a particular community, it seems logical to conclude that they would have liked a wider audience. While not all of the community would have been able to read it, this does not preclude them from being 'consumers' of the MT. Your conclusion appears to be narrower than your three points require.

Moore Theological College (Sydney, Australia)

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