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Hello Randall;

Thanks for your informative comments.

I am glad to hear it.

In my unscientific and limited experience here in america, some of the
persons who attend those kinds of synagogue services do not enjoy fluency in
the leningrad codex.

And as we know, yiddish and modern hebrew differ substantially from
masoretic text.

I also recall attending, many years ago, catholic services conducted
partially in the latin language. The congregrations, in my recollection,
could chant along with the priest some phrases in the latin language. But
their (and my) understanding of the latin vulgate or latin language bible?
... that was a no go.


fred burlingame

On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 12:03 AM, Randall Buth <randallbuth at gmail.com>wrote:

> > the biblical hebrew language, was its masoretic
> > text, created or intended for use and/or consumption by the general
> > population; by other than a relatively few highly trained scribes?
> this one's easy: the general population.
> Go listen to a shabbat morning reading where the particular, traditional
> intonation system is regularly used. listen to any bar-mistvah at that
> synagogue.
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