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Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 20:40:48 EST 2010

   Dear Pere,

   Whoever wrote (ACFTFYIK in  Is 47:13 simply made a mistake.

   Another remote possibility is that the word, the way it is preserved, is a corruption of another earlier one, now lost.

   As you know, at a certain point in time not only the consonantal text, but also the vocalization, cantillation and punctuation marks which were added to it centuries later - all became part of a holy canon, not to be tempered with.

  Many such 'abnormalities' were noted, and marked in the text but not changed.

  BTW, the term "(construct)" which you added has nothing to do with declension in this case.


  Uri Hurwitz                           Great Neck, NY

Pere Porta asked:
In Is 47:13 we find noun (ACFTFYIK, your counsels (of a female).
I do not understand why and how the plural (construct) of noun ("CFH,
counsel (Pr 21:30) takes a qamats in letter tsade and not a holam.

Is this something usual (in the Bible) for this noun type? Is it an
anomalous behaviour?

And if this is a quite anomalous behaviour.... how can we distingish the
normal from the anomalous?

Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


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