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Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Sat Dec 18 18:04:22 EST 2010

1. I tend to agree with you that QERAX is hail BARAD (close to PARAD for
the individual grain), snow, or frost, KPOR. I have the feeling that QERAX
is not related to QAR, 'cold', but rather to QARA(, 'tear, lacerate, rip'
for the grainy nature of the frozen material made of GARGERIYM. I am
afraid of Arabic, but QARAX is possibly related this way to the Arabic
2. My feeling is that QARAXAT is not so called for its likeness to a
smooth and shiny ball of ice, but is rather a patch cleared of hair,
possibly by plucking.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

> dear isaak,
>> 1. I am afraid that the biblical QERAX קרח is not what
> you think it is. See Ps. 147:17
> looks pretty much like ice to me. i would also accept hail, but hail
> is also made of ice. last, it could MAYBE be interpreted as snow,
> to keep the rhyme. but snow is also made of ice.
>> 2. Do you think there is ANY relationship between KERAX and KARAXAT
> קרחת ?
>> Isaac Fried, Boston University
> QERAX in israel is mostly seen on some hilltops, or as hail. QERAX and
> QARAXAT share many common attributes. for example:
> 1. both have a smooth surface and are on the top, normally.
> 2. they imply clearing (of hair or trees).
> 3. both are solid and crestlike, normally.
> it is possible that QERAX is related to QR (cold) and QRXT is a
> later figurative form based on QERAX.
> nir cohen
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