[b-hebrew] ALE QEREAX

Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Sat Dec 18 17:04:50 EST 2010

dear isaak,

> 1. I am afraid that the biblical QERAX קרח is not what
you think it is. See Ps. 147:17

looks pretty much like ice to me. i would also accept hail, but hail 
is also made of ice. last, it could MAYBE be interpreted as snow,
to keep the rhyme. but snow is also made of ice.

> 2. Do you think there is ANY relationship between KERAX and KARAXAT
קרחת ?

> Isaac Fried, Boston University 

QERAX in israel is mostly seen on some hilltops, or as hail. QERAX and 
QARAXAT share many common attributes. for example:
1. both have a smooth surface and are on the top, normally.
2. they imply clearing (of hair or trees).
3. both are solid and crestlike, normally. 

it is possible that QERAX is related to QR (cold) and QRXT is a 
later figurative form based on QERAX.

nir cohen

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