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In my humble opinion GAL is not 'wave', and certainly not 'round'.
According to my unerstanding there is no Hebrew root meaning 'round'. It
appears to me that GAL is 'mound, heap'. The GALGAL is a double GAL, one
up and one down.
As I understand it, XELED of Ps. 49:2 is what we otherwise call YABASHA,
'solid land, the crust of the earth'. In Ps. 39:6 XELED is 'body', or
possibly, by inference, 'material existence'. I think that this XELED is
but a variant of GELED in Job 16:15. Recall the new Hebrew word GLIYDAH,
'ice cream', introduced by Ben-Yehuda, following the Arabic.
I think that one needs to be careful in comparing Hebrew and Arabic words,
especially the more abstract ones, because of the possible shifts in

Isaac Fried, Boston University

> dear isaak,
> how did you know i have one?
> i am not at all against ANY word association. i do it all the time. but
> it is much easier to claim various word connections than to prove that the
> connection is not a mere a posteriori exercice. for example, i could claim
> that words of the form XL* come from XAL=state,happen (in both hebrew and
> arabic). this would include XLD and would not have any relation to being
> solid. and words which contain GL come from GAL=wave,round. if so, GL$ and
> would have little to do with one another.
> nir cohen
> On Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:08:19 -0500, Isaac Fried wrote
>> 1. I am afraid that the biblical QERAX קרח is not what
>> you think it is. See Ps. 147:17
>> 2. Do you think there is ANY relationship between KERAX and KARAXAT
>> קרחת ?
>> Isaac Fried, Boston University
>> >most of our daily
>> > experience is with encrusted and/or solid objects. most of them, like
>> EC,
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