[b-hebrew] on eternity

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 13:17:57 EST 2010

   Paul Zellmer -- you memory is avbsolutely right. These are two separate sounds, and letters in Arabic.

       Uri Hurwitz                     Great Neck, NY

....As I understand your post, your dictionary gave the Hebrew translation of
KH'ALAD as HINTZIAKH (הנצח).  Am I correct in that understanding?

In his response post, Fred Burlingame cited Psalm 89, and apparently saw a
relationship between KH'ALAD and XLD (חלד).  But, in my failing memory, I
seem to recall that the equivalent Hebrew letter to the Arabic
transliteration K(H) is כ, not ח.  Am I remembering incorrectly?

Thanks for the help,

Paul Zellmer


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