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Mon Dec 13 12:18:59 EST 2010

steer away, nir ....

but expect not the theological hysteria to subside, when the most
controversial word in all hebrew language arrives on stage for discussion.

a grand, wide and never bridged, canyon exists between the two consumer
groups of עולם ; the one advocating finite and and the other advocating
infinite meanings of that little word.


fred burlingame

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 10:50 AM, Nir cohen - Prof. Mat.
<nir at ccet.ufrn.br>wrote:

> )AD )OLAM vs )AD )INFINITUM    :)   :
> i hope all the participants are following the platonic distinction between
> words and their meaning. many promises contain the clause "forever",
> whether
> they are made by ronald reagan ("read my lips"), a young lover, or a
> biblical
> prophet. the discussion whether the text means "forever" or not does not
> imply
> the validity of the promise. many times, poetic style imposes an expression
> which should not even be taken literally. of course, when the giver of the
> promise is god almighty ...
> ...then we have a religious issue. i would really like to steer the
> discussion
> away from this back into fact.
> nir cohen
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