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Dear Fred,

(ad (olam - Instensive use with the idea of "from everlasting to everlasting."
    Ps 90:2
    Ps 103:17 - Chesedh
    Ps 106:48 = I Chron 16:36; Neh 9:5; I Chron 29: 16; Ps 41:14 - benedictions
    Jer 7:7; 25:8 - land given
    Pss 115:18; 121:8 - from now and for ever (basically, as long as one lives)
    Ps 131:3 - of people's hope in God
    Isa 9:6 - Davidic Dynasty
    Mic 4:7; Isa 59:21; Pss 125:2; 113:2 - of God's acts, words, etc.

For further instances check out BDB, (ad, pp. 723-725; (olam, pp. 761-763).

The following is a breakdown of )olam:
    ancient time, 1x
    beginning of the world, 1x
    continuance, 1x
    ever, 267x
    everlasting, 11x
    evermore, 15x
    old, 7x
    old time, 1x
    world, 2x
Genitive use:
    always, 1x
    ancient, 5x
    at any time, 1x
    eternal, 1x
    everlasting, 53x
    for ever (forever), 3x
    lasting, 1x
    long, 2x
    old, 6x
    perpetual, 20x
    old, 2x

(ad (olam - any more (anymore) - 2x
le-(olam - alway, 2x
le-(olamim - of old time, 1x
    ever of old, 1x
    long time, 1x
    of old, 6x
    of old time, 2x

    eternity, 1x
    ever, 42x
    everlasting, 2x
    evermore, 1x
    perpetually, 1x

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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  Hello Bryant:

  1. If עד עולם can mean finite and/or infinite time periods ..... depending on context;

  2. and if another word fails to appear nearby that expressly generates the meaning of finite or infinite, it seems to me .... we have arrived in the land of theology.

  I would appreciate if you could identify for me a specific verse where:

  a. עולם ; or עד עולם ; or any other grouping of these words; appears; 

  b. means "infinite time" or "eternity;" and

  c. some other words in the context boost the meaning into "infinite time" or "eternity;" rather than faith, beliefs, or theology achieving the meaning of eternity?


  fred burlingame

  On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 2:40 PM, Bryant J. Williams III <bjwvmw at com-pair.net> wrote:

    Dear Nir,

    I think that the idea is one of an "unkown specificity of time." Whether that is
    in the distant past, simple past, future or distant future is determined by the
    context. The must be a distinction made between temporal or a finite time and
    non-temporal or infinite time. This is especially true of certain prophecies or
    promises, e.g. Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants.

    Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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