[b-hebrew] one-to-one rendering of olam

Arnaud Fournet fournet.arnaud at wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 12 01:38:55 EST 2010

From: "Isaac Fried" <if at math.bu.edu>

>I see the root (LM, or merely LM, as consisting of the combination of  the 
>single-consonant root L, 'lofty', and the single-consonant root  M, 
>'massive, vast'. in the HB, (OLAM is mostly applied to time, but  is 
>nowadays used also for space, in the sense of 'universe, world'.
> In the word ELEM, the reference is to the body.
> The root עלם appears also in the form אלם, as in אלומה,  'sheaf, large 
> pile', and אולם, 'large hall'. Nowadays אלים is  'bully, intimidator'.

Your "method" of assembling components looks like Isidore of Seville's 

Corpus is called corpus because cor- is from corruptus and -p- is from 

It's no longer accepted...

Arnaud Fournet 

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