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Sat Dec 11 21:02:57 EST 2010

re: QYM (Pere Porta, Joseph Lauer)
On Sat, 11 Dec 2010 19:30:17 -0500, Joseph I. Lauer wrote
> Pere Porta wrote that "-QYM = to fulfill, keep -----> it is a derivation
> of QM, an "invention" of the wise (Middle Ages, methinks). Not found 
> in the Bible."    But QYM is found in Esther (9:31, both QYM and 
> QYMW; and 9:32) and Daniel (Aramaic 6:8), and LQYM is found in 
> Ezekiel (13:6), Ruth (4:7), and Esther (9:31).    Joseph I. Lauer    
> Brooklyn, New York

I found no such examples in the Torah. In Gen 9:9, 9:11, Deut. 8:18, 
9:5 etc HEQIM may be interpreted to mean QIYEM.

Nir Cohen
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