[b-hebrew] one-to-one rendering of olam (was: Song of Songs1:12)

Arnaud Fournet fournet.arnaud at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 10 08:58:35 EST 2010

From: Isaac Fried

2. Since the historical (or "genetic") relationship between, say, Hebrew and 
Arabic is uncertain, the rest is merely useless cooked up ideas.

On Dec 10, 2010, at 8:21 AM, Arnaud Fournet wrote:
what are the reasons to accept that Hebrew exists?


you are just dodging issues.

We are back to square 1 and your dogmas.

You are unable to explain and define what it means to be a Hebrew dialect, 
and ** for exactly the same reasons **,  you are unable to handle the issue 
of being a Semitic language.

To be frank, I'm getting sceptical that you have a training in maths.
Maths has principles, axioms, and methods to get from A to B without truth 
conditions being lost in the reasoning.
You do not appear to be comfortable with basic logic issues.

The difference between being a Hebrew dialect and being a Semitic dialect is 
mainly a hierarchy of inclusion.
Hebrew dialects share more linguistic features among themselves than they 
share with Semitic non Hebrew dialects.
Or at least they should otherwise there's a problem.

Arnaud Fournet 

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