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עד עולם is a prepositional phrase which may be literally translated, "up to perpetuity."  עולם is frequently found with other spacial prepositions, like מן, "from" (referring to the past), and ל, "to."

Considering your penchant for using non-standard English syntax, you probably would appreciate that the Hebrew sometimes omits the head of the prepositional phrase when עד is used, resulting in the same concept as עד עולם.  Basically, what is being said in such cases is, "Something is true until."  Until what?  Until the period of time being talked about (even if it is never specified) is over.  This type usage, by the way, can be found in numerous languages around the world.

Anyway, the most basic meaning of עד is not "forever," but is the prepositional idea of "to the point of."

Hope this helps,

Paul Zellmer

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Hello Karl:

Does not the little word עד mean forever? Witness 1 chronicles 23:13.


I observe the greek text seems a bit closer to your understanding of the
word as "until."


But just what do the all important hebrew words mean, עד עולם ?



fred burlingame

On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 5:24 PM, K Randolph <kwrandolph at gmail.com> wrote:

> Song of Songs 1:12, what does it mean?
> The phrase עד אשר means “until” indicating the completion of an action,
> either time wise, or the desired result has been achieved.
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