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remark that in verse 3 "fragances" appear and that in verse 4 we read: "the
king has brought me into his chambers".

Now, concerning the possibilities you mention (verbs malal, mul):
In a general way, only "malal" would be possible, not "mul".
Look here:


and also at

But........ then..... what would verse 12 mean?

If you ask: "Why not "mul"?, you know my answer: because in the English
language there are no nouns having their plural ending in -k (though this
plural type is the common plural form for Hungarian nouns)

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2010/12/9 K Randolph <kwrandolph at gmail.com>

> Song of Songs 1:12, what does it mean?
> The phrase עד אשר means “until” indicating the completion of an action,
> either time wise, or the desired result has been achieved. Here we find the
> אשר as a prefix.
> As a noun, מסב is found only here and in 2 Kings 23:5. In the latter place
> it refers to the surrounding territory, i.e. “surroundings”, so here it
> should have the same meaning, though the “territory” would be much smaller,
> maybe confined to one room.
> Here is my question: what does המלך mean? Is it from the verb מלל meaning
> to
> make a statement? Or from מול meaning to clip or pluck off, used also for
> to
> circumcise? Or is there some other word that I have not considered?
> Right now, I am leaning toward an understanding that the verse means,
> “Until
> you cause it to be plucked off, my nard gives off its scent in its
> surroundings.”
> Any thoughts?
> Karl W. Randolph.
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