[b-hebrew] Genitives/construct state in Isa 9:5

Donald R. Vance, Ph.D. donaldrvance at mac.com
Tue Dec 7 21:42:16 EST 2010

PL> could be either absolute or construct (morphologically masculine  
segholate nouns have identical abs and cs forms). YW<X is a participle  
and is thus a verbal adjective (matching the noun/adjective  
constructions that follow). Of course, adjectives can function as  
nouns (as GBWR does elsewhere). Morphologically, >L could be either  
abs or cs. >BY is definitely cs. Morphologically, CR could be either  
abs or cs but is clearly cs in this instance. "Supernatural counselor"  
doesn't seem possible to me for PL> YW<X. The word order is wrong. If  
you connect them it would yield something like "a counseling miracle"  
which doesn't make sense, at least to me. HALOT gives "a marvel of a  
counselor." Go figure. Breaking up the pairs that can be separated  
yields, "Miracle, Counselor, God, Hero, Eternal Father, Prince of  
Peace," which makes good sense. JPS's "The Mighty God is planning  
grace; The Eternal Father, a peaceable ruler" is an abortion.

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On Dec 7, 2010, at 5:56 PM, Kenneth Litwak wrote:

> This last weekend I read a commentary on Isa 9:1-6 in preparation  
> for a sermon.  The author stated that Isa 9:5 has four pairs of  
> words, and since three of those pairs have a genitive relationship,  
> the fourth, PL) YW(C, likely does as well (making it "supernatural  
> counselor" rather than "wonderful, counselor).   In looking at the  
> other pairs, however, SR SLWM appears to be the only pair in  
> construct.   )L GBWR and )BY (D just look like nouns followed by  
> adjectives.  Am I missing something here?  Thanks.
> Ken
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