[b-hebrew] HALOT Etymologies

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Come on, Arnaud.  Let's let Jim choose to interpret Yigal's comment in a positive light if he wants to.  It doesn't hurt to have him feel good, does it?

Paul Zellmer

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> Professor Yigal Levin:
> You wrote:  “Who in the world said that HALOT was perfect? But as Isaac
> said, etymologies of names is often problematic. The names you list below 
> are
> obviously not Hebrew. If you are now going to tell us that in Hurrian they
> all make sense and that they are all pinpoint accurate in the fourteenth
> century BCE, please don’t bother. We believe you.”
> That is the greatest compliment I ever got in my entire life.

I read it as a polite though ironic request not to defend that point of 

Arnaud Fournet 

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