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> HALOT Etymologies
>> 3.  XTY at Genesis 15: 20:  “cun[eiform] Xatti…Hittites in Palestine:
> earlier population of the land, after the Assyrian name for Syria and
> Palestine
> in a wider sense”.  Did they really say “Hittites in Palestine”?  Are they
> serious?
> Genesis 10:15 וכנען ילד את צידן בכרו—ואת חת

You were already told in an earlier message that חת was the name of one of
Canaan’s sons. that this was the land settled by Canaan’s descendants
including the descendants of his sons, making חתי, usually rendered
“Hittite” in English, descendants of Canaan, not an Indo-European Hittite of
a much later time.

Jim Stinehart
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> As for other names, it was not unusual for them to be deliberately
distorted, or different from what is said about them, so published
etymologies are often misleading, or even wrong.

Karl W. Randolph.

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