[b-hebrew] Transliteration Font for Hebrew on the Mac

R. Lehmann lehmann at uni-mainz.de
Wed Dec 1 13:39:31 EST 2010

I know the problem(s) and had the same trouble. Simply try out working  
on older documents with an older programm version and make sure that  
the older font is also installed. I keep three versions of MS Office  
installed and use them each depending on the manuscript I am working  
With my manuscripts it works perfectly


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>  I'm trying to find some information for a professor at my school.   
> He has been working on a book, and has used SPAtlantis for  
> transliteration of Hebrew. Unfortunately, he has changed MAC  
> platforms to the latest one (I'm not a Mac user myself so please  
> don't ask me to tell you more--I'm only trying to assist).   
> Apparently, due to changes in Mac architecture over time, the font  
> doesn't show up correctly. I don't see an SBL Unicode font for  
> transliteration. Can anyone suggest how to make the SPAtlantis font  
> show up properly on a current Mac?  Thanks.
> Ken

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