[b-hebrew] 1 Kings 20:14 Who are the young men, princes of the districts?

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> >> The Biblical record indicates absolutely no Egyptian influence in Canaan
> from the Exodus until after Solomon.
> During Solomon's reign, surely? Isn't it claimed he married a Pharaoh's
> daughter?

LOL! But I doubt she commanded armies.

> >> “Consensus is the refuge of scoundrels”
> Of the lazy perhaps, or the incurious, but I think characterizing the
> majority of scholars as scoundrels is over the line.

Please don’t take statements out of context! There’s a reason I have that
statement in quotes, and there is a reason that I immediately followed it
with a clarification, and that reason should have been clear, namely that I
do not condemn consensus per se, rather that consensus that contradicts data
is not good. As such, there is no characterizing the majority of scholars as
scoundrels. So don’t read into the text what is not there.

> Stoney Breyer
> Karl W. Randolph.

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