[b-hebrew] Are they the same thing?

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I think they are either the same thing, or the tree of life in Rev. is the
consummation or harvest of the tree of life in Genesis.

Ideas are sown in Genesis as a seed, developed through the Bible and then
reaped in Revelation as a harvest.

Other examples from Genesis to Revelation are:
Gold, bdolach and shoham stone (Gen 2:11-12) -> gold, pearl and precious
stone (Rev 21:18-19,21)
Garden of Eden (Gen 2:8) -> New Jerusalem (Rev 2:7)
Eve (Gen 2:22) -> New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2)
River out of Eden (Gen 2:10) -> river of water of life (Rev 22:1)
Sabbath rest (Gen 2:2-3) -> millennium (Rev 20:2-7)

-Steve Miller
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We find in Gn 2:9 the (EC HAXAYIYM, the tree of the life. This is here the
first time it appears in the Bible.
And this is also found -in Greek, of course-  in Rev 22:19

Are these two "trees of life" quite the same thing?
Are there any differences between them?

Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
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