[b-hebrew] Babylonian Niquddot

Ratson Naharadama yahoo-arch at heplist.com
Sun Apr 18 18:19:30 EDT 2010

There seems to be a lack of easily found info on the Babylonian system 
of niquddot.

Is there a comprehensive discussion of the system to be found on the net?
Journal papers, perhaps? Books?
How do they appear, and what values do each sign indicate?
How does the the MT differ from texts pointed with the Babylonian system?
Is there a Torah or TaNaK text available in HTML or PDF pointed with the 
Babylonian system?
I've heard the Yemeni pronunciation tends to follow the Babylonian 
system closer than the MT; elaboration?
If all else fails, is there anyone here familiar enough to give a good 
explanation of the system and any details that the above questions touch on?

molte grazie, in advance. :)
Ratson Naharädama
Denver, Colorado

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