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Not a particularly inviting theory. Lack of supporting archaeological
evidence often just means we haven't found it yet.

James Christian

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> Could ya'll comment on this hypothesis
>  Stephen Miller's appropriation of D. J. Wiseman's hypothesis that "Darius
> the Mede" and Cyrus the Great were the same person, a highly speculative
> theory. This "solution" to the absence of nonbiblical references to "Darius
> the Mede" is based on the claim that Daniel 6:28, which says that "Daniel
> prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian" has
> been mistranslated and should read that "Daniel prospered in the reign of
> Darius, even in the reign of Cyrus the Persian." By claiming that the
> Aramaic waw traditionally translated with the English conjunction and could
> have meant even or namely in this verse, Wiseman and proponents of this
> interpretation "solve" the problem of Darius's historicity by making this
> just another name for Cyrus, who was mentioned in several extrabiblical
> records contemporary to the time when Daniel presumably served as an
> important official in the sixth-century BC Babylonian and Persian
> governments. We will soon see that this int
>  erpretation of Daniel 6:28 is tenuous at best.
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