[b-hebrew] naHHAs versus nahhA$ ---- was previously ----Kadesh-barnea

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 20:19:22 EDT 2010

    Karl W. Randolph wrote inter alia:
    "...in Hebrew there were three different spellings for
 “copper”: NXW$ (used once, in Job 6:12), NXW$H (used in
 Isaiah 48:4, Micah 4:13 and otherverses), but by far the
 most common spelling is NX$T."

    These are variations; cf. with 'labor' and 'labour'
 in English.

    Snakes are known throughout the ANE for their magical
 power. Note the accounts of  Adam, Eve and the snake,
 or Moses, Aaron and the Egyptian magicians. The power
 can be evil, but also positive.

       On the subject of snakes in the HB see, if interested,
 the brilliant discussion of Levites in Theophile Meek's,
 Hebrew Origins.

    BTW of the two differeent Arabic roots mentioned earlier,
 one is not relevant to the discussion. But this is outside
 the scope of this list.

    Uri Hurwitz                               Great Neck, NY


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