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Yigal Levin





Bar-Ilan University

The Faculty of Jewish Studies

The Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology


Tel Aviv University

The Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern

The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology


Cordially invite the public to the 30th annual conference of the Marin
(Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology:


"And They Went Up and Toured the Land" - in honor of Professor Anson F.
Rainey on the occasion of his 80th birthday.


Thursday, May 6, 2010, Mintz Auditorium, Building 403, Bar-Ilan University.


8:30-9:00: Registration and Refreshments

9:00-9:20: Greetings:

Prof. Haim Taitelbaum, Vice Rector

Prof. Avraham Faust, Chair, Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel
Studies and Archaeology

Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz, Chair, Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archaeology and
Ancient Near Eastern Cultures


9:20-11:00: Session 1: Archaeology. Chair, Prof. Ze'ev Herzog

Yuval Gadot: The Central Coastal Plain in the Late Bronze Age - Geography,
History and Archaeology

Shlomo Bunimovitz and Zvi Lederman: The Hanan Clan: Epigraphic Evidence for
Iron Age Canaanite Continuity in the Northern Judean Shephelah

Avraham Faust: An Assemblage of Bullae from Tel 'Eton and the Development of
Administration in the Kingdom of Judah

Ze'ev Herzog: The Hezekiah/Josiah Cult Reform Debate: An Archaeological


11:00-11:30: Break


11:30-13:30: Session 2: Linguistics and Bible. Chair, Prof. Shlomo Izre'el 

Israel Knohl: Merneptah's "Israel" and Biblical "Israel"

Shawn Zelig Aster: Isaiah 31 and Relations Between Judah and Assyria During
the Reign of Sargon II

Gershon Galil: The Book of Joshua: Formation and Historical Reliability

Daniel Sivan: The Case System in Northwestern Semitic Languages

Chaim Cohen: Four New Philological Notes Concerning the Languages of the
El-Amarna Letters according to the Comparative Philological Method of Prof.
Moshe Held z"l


13:30-14:45: Lunch Break


14:45-16:30: Session 3: Historical Geography. Chair, Prof. Joshua Schwartz

Ze'ev Safrai: Historical Geography, 35 Years after Ben-Arieh

Aren Maeir: The Identification of Philistine Gath, 25 Years Later

Oded Lipschits: Further Thoughts on the Ancient Name of Ramat Rahel 

Yigal Levin: The Identification of Khirbet Qeiyafa - A New Proposal


16:30-16:50: Break


16:50-19:00: Session 4: History. Chair, Dr Boaz Zissu.

Dr. Paul Wright, Director, Jerusalem University College: Blessings and
comments about Anson Rainey (in English)

Victor Hurowitz: Demonyms and Toponyms : Symbolism and Hermeneutics

Brian Schultz: A New Proposal for Tamar/Tadmor in 1 Kings 9:18 (in English)

Aaron Demsky: The Phoenician Connection of the Greek Sphinx

R. Steven Notley: Was the Galilee No Longer Jewish in the Days of Judah


Closing Remarks - Prof. Anson F. Rainey


All papers will be in Hebrew unless English is specified.


Open admission. For information call 03-5318350 or email
Israel-Studies.Dept at mail.biu.ac.il 



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