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You might find this helpful:
A Simplified Guide to BHS
by William R. Scott
4th edition
BIBAL Press, 2007
Price: $9.95 

It contains a chapter on the accents. Also, a few first year grammars
have some notes as well.

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Hi Everyone
Just want to introduce myself. I have been studying biblical Hebrew for 
about 7 years now, and want to keep improving my skills and be in 
community with others who also enjoy the subject. I am not a pastor or 
academic, just an ordinary jill-bloggs who loves Hebrew and wants to 
read the scripture in Hebrew, but I also enjoy grappling with the 
technicalities and trying to understand them better.

I have a couple of questions.

Is there anyone here who is from New Zealand? I would love to know.

Also, can anyone recommend a good book on Masoretic accents. I have 
exhausted everything I can find on the net.

Kay Christensen

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