[b-hebrew] The Proper Antecedent of qiso in Dan 9:26b

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 15:43:28 EDT 2010

>I noticed that most of the times where “fortified city” is written, the text
>had (YR MBCR e.g. 1 Samuel 6:8, 2 Kings 3:19, or “the Holy City” (YR HQD$
>e.g. Nehemiah 11:1, 19, or “the Just City” Isaiah 1:26.
>But as fitting a feminine noun, most adjectives are also feminine.
>Karl W. Randolph.

"most adjectives are also feminine" ? ? ? !
how about ALL adjectives are feminine,
and those examples aren't examples at all?
The first are just smixut "construct" `ir "city" leaning on a noun, and Is 1.26
has an implied subject shem 'name', or no subject (indefinite 'it' if you wish)
with a predicate complement 'just city'.

Hebrew `ir is a feminine noun,
because that is how it is used in Biblical Hebrew.

Randall Buth

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