[b-hebrew] The Proper Antecedent of qiso in Dan 9:26b

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Could you please list some references where it is "often accompanied by
a masculine adjective"? I don't recall any, except in construct--which
wouldn't count. 


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> > Here I think you are making a common error of those who speak
> > English and try to deal with a language that has gender for its
> > the third person singular personal pronoun can also refer to "its".
> > Once that's taken into account, the range of possibilities within
> > widens.
> . . .
> > With a widened context, why not "holy place" or possibly "city"
> > Or even the end of the seventy sevens?
> Actually, the above 'error note' may be 'thinking in english'.
> Hebrew 'city' is feminine.

True. But it is often accompanied by a masculine adjective, its plural
in a yod-mem like a masculine, and in this context in connection with a
masculine noun, the masculine overrides the feminine.

> Now back to Greek in the Galilee. . .
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