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If we cannot discuss a 6-month “year”, I wonder if we may instead be 
allowed to discuss the apparent Biblical reference to Year 14, being one of the 
most important 12-month years in mankind’s history?  Here is what Genesis 14: 
5 says:
“And in the fourteenth year came Chedorlaomer and the kings that were with 
him, and smote” [various parties, and then later destroyed a league of five 
rebellious princelings].
Is the Biblical reference to “the fourteenth year” there a reference to 
historical Year 14?  The number 14 never appears elsewhere in the Patriarchal 
narratives.  The number 14 seems to have no symbolic value.  Is this, then, 
an open reference to Year 14 in secular history?
Note that both in Year 14 in secular history, and in “the fourteenth year” 
at Genesis 14: 1-11, we see the following:
1.  Four attacking rulers…
2.  …utterly demolish…
3.  …a league of five princelings.  This is aptly summarized at Genesis 14: 
9 as:  “four kings against the five”.
4.  The kingly title of one attacking ruler is MLK (LM.
5.  Another attacking ruler either has the nickname “Tidal”, or ruthlessly 
murdered his older brother named “Tidal”/Tudhaliya to seize the Hittite 
throne.  [As a nasty Hebrew nickname, “Tidal” in historical context 
effectively means “Murderer”.]
6.  Another attacking ruler has a Hurrian princeling name, and was either 
re-educated by the Hittites at or near Alisar in the Hittite heartland, or 
bears the derogatory title “king of Alisar”, effectively meaning “Hittite 
7.  The fourth attacking ruler is an “Amorite Splittest”, either being the 
“Amorite”/)MR ruler who historically “split off”/PL the “Amorite”/)MR 
state of “Amurru”/)MR in northern Lebanon from the rest of Canaan, selling 
out to the Hittites, or bears a nickname, )MR + PL, that means “Amorite 
Splittest”.  [Four Hebrew verbs meaning basically “to split off” start with PL.]
*       *       *
And remember, the Biblical text gives us the  e-x-a-c-t  year in secular 
history that all those things happened:  Year 14/“the fourteenth year”.
This is no “myth”.  No way.  No, this is pinpoint accurate secular 
history, coming straight out of the Bronze Age.
Catch the pulsating excitement of the Patriarchal narratives.  As of Year 
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois   

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