[b-hebrew] Oldest MSS for creation account?

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For Hebrew creation accounts

The following are from the published DJD Series,

4QGenesis b
   J. R. Davila, DJD XII, 31-38, pl. VII. 1:1-28, 2:14-19, 4:2-11, 5:13 or 14.
This is probably your best, prettiest exemplar of most of Genesis 1.
It's pedigree is questioned as possibly having come from outside of the cave 4
fragments though it is indexed as 4Q today.
It attests the ptuHot paragraph spaces at the end of 'day' sections.

 Some honorable mentions:
4QGenesis d
    DJD XII, 43-45, pl. IX. Gn 1:18-27.

4QGenesis g
    DJD XII, 57-60, pl. XII. Gn 1:1-11 and 2:6-7 or 18-19.

4QGenesis h 1
    DJD XII, 61-62, pl. XII. Gn 1:8-10.

4QGenesis h 2
    DJD XII, 62, pl. XII. Gn 2:17-18.

4QGenesis h-title
    DJD XII, 63-64, pl. XII. The title of a Genesis manuscript
(spelled ברשית , maybe not very impressive, so probably not for decorating
a book or screensaver.)

4QGenesis k
   DJD XII, 75-78, pl. XIII. Gn 1:9, 14-16, 27-28, 2:1-3, 3:1-2

You could also add
Psalm 19:2
ha-shamayim mesapperim kvod el
uma`ase yadav maggid ha-raqia`
and add a picture of the night sky.

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