[b-hebrew] need help with a place name

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Dear Bruryah,

The Latin of Josh. 15:39 is Bascath, and in II Kings 22:1 it's Besecath. The
Greek for Josh. 15:39 is Basechath, and in II Kings 22:1 it's Basoukoth. But
of course the specific spellings probably vary in different manuscripts.
Eusebius and Jerome, in their Greek and Latin versions of the Onomasticon,
use slightly different spellings. They also don't connect the two
references. The first is obviously in the southern Shephelah, in the Lachish
region, but the second could be anywhere. 

Yigal Levin

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A place named B.Tz.K.T. is mentioned twice: In Joshua 15:39 and in II Kings


Can someone familiar with the Greek or Latin translation of the Bible tell
me please if the name is translated/transliterated as Botzkath or Batzekath?




Bruryah Yodan


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