[b-hebrew] Jussive

James Christian jc.bhebrew at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 15 16:30:13 EDT 2009


I remember in my beginner's Hebrew class it was presented that jussives are
weak commands or strong desires. Then the 10 commandments were given as an
example. This left me scratchine my head. Is it a strong command 'Don't kill
folk' or a wishy washy 'You really shouldn't kill people'? Also, are we to
understand the creation account as 'Light, please come into existence' or a
strong and unequivalent 'Light, I am commanding you into existence' (i.e.
you have no choice in the matter).

Any thoughts? Why are jussives presented in this way when all the examples
seem to contradict the way they are taught?

James Christian

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