[b-hebrew] Light be made versus Let there be light.

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On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Steve Teague <cosmos at intergate.com> wrote:

> Thanks, Karl. I have read other explanations, and it is difficult for a
> lightweight (or no weight at all) to know exactly what the text will
> support. Hence my interest in this list. But I suspect that in some matters
> there are multiple views based upon questions about the text (such as those
> expressed in HALOT for bereshyth) that are difficult to choose between based
> upon just the text as it is presently understood. Do you see it this way, or
> do you feel that it is all pretty much cut-and-dried?
> Linguistically, I think it is pretty much cut-and-dried. Where we have
problems is where some people have à priori ideas as to how the text is to
be understood, so they try to squeeze the text into their ideas.

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> Yes, this was a one time event, never to be repeated.
> I believe that this is your comment Karl. If so, does the text generate
> this view, does it come from the grammar or the context?
Both, actually, though in this case the context has the louder voice.

>> As for translation, how would you render the above verses into English?
>> Similar to Tyndale?
> If this is your response (similar to Tyndale?), Karl, does the question
> mark signal reservations? If so, I would be very interested in knowing what
> they are.
>> Karl W. Randolph.
> Steve Teague

Maybe similar to Tyndale, but only to make it smooth in English. In other
words, this is now an English question, not a Hebrew one.

If I were to translate it for my personal use, I’d simply write, “And God
said,‘Light become’ and light became.” Not very idiomatic English.

Karl W. Randolph.

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