[b-hebrew] Pr. 1:6; riddles

Gerry Folbre gfolbreiii at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 16:46:22 EDT 2009

To all or any:

Proverbs 1:6 has always fascinated me.  I will do an interlinear rendition
of Pr. 1:6 and then give my personal translation.  I hope there will be some
corrections, insights, and new information shared by those who enter the
examination and discussion.

Pr 1:6 להבין משׂל ומליצה  דברי חכמים וחידתם׃

להבין = to comprehend  משׂל = a proverb/parable/poem/figurative discourse
ומליצה = and a satire/enigma/figure/metaphor דברי = [the] words חכמים = [of
the] wise וחידתם = and {Vaw adaequationis} = go together with their riddles.

Pr. 1:6 To comprehend a figurative discourse and a metaphor; the words of
the wise go together with their riddles.

My primary question is:  What constitutes a “wisdom riddle”, and/or “a
riddle employed by the wise; a חידה?

Gerry Folbre

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