[b-hebrew] regarding Proverbs 5:6

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Wed Oct 7 16:07:52 EDT 2009

On 7 Oct 2009 at 12:43, Gerry Folbre wrote:

> Karl wrote:
> "You did not make a word for word translation; you just made a
> list of words
> and your interpretation of their meanings without making them into
> a
> meaningful sentence that we can follow. Further, not all of us agree
> with
> your interpretations. It looks as if you have just taken ideas from
> your
> class and plugged them into your answer, some of us even question
> what you
> were taught in your classes."
> With all due respect, the BHS Masoretic Hebrew Text of Pr. 5:6 is 
> composed precisely as I presented it, and I translated each word and
> bound morpheme precisely according to Gesenius´ Hebrew Grammar,
> Brown, 
> Driver & Briggs Heb./Eng. Lexicon of the Old Testament, and The 
> Analytical Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon.  If that is not a word-for-word
> translation, I do not know what is.

I would say that's a fair assessment of the situation; you really don't.  What you made is an 
interlinear, not a translation.  An actual translation would put the clauses into a form that's 
comprehensible in the receptor language, in this case English.  Note the rest of Karl's 
sentence: "without making them into a meaningful sentence that we can follow."  I concur 
with that evaluation, and I am among those who question what you were taught in your 

Dave Washburn


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