[b-hebrew] regarding Proverbs 5:6

David Kolinsky yishalom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 7 02:52:23 EDT 2009

Dear Karl:
with regard to what you wrote:
Every time I read this, I stop and puzzle over it. And when I look at
translations, it is obvious that I am not the only one.
One option is that here we have a corrupted text.
Another that came to me this morning is that ?? PN does not mean ?lest?
rather it is the imperative of ??? PNH meaning ?to face, turn towards?.
Any thoughts?
I would suggest that PN is indeed related to PNH always.
PNH means: "to show different face, to face, to turn, to give s.th priority, to turn away, to turn out, to prepare a surface, to clear out, toempty out."
PN when we think of it as meaning lest, more specifically and literally means :
"about facing from the case that" 

Gen3:3 = And you shall not touch it about facing from the case that you shall die
Gen3:22 = And now, about facing from the case that he would send forth his hand
Gen11:4 = And we shall make for us a name, about facing from the case that we would be scattered about the face of the earth
Pr5:6 = About facing from the case that she would ponder a path of life, her paths wander, she would not know it.
David Kolinsky
Monterey, CA

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