[b-hebrew] Definite articles and proper names in B-Hebrew

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Fri Oct 2 20:21:19 EDT 2009

Gerry Folbre wrote:

I suspect that the contextual clue exists within the plural masculine noun itself; ????? = 'LHYM {Elhym or Elohim} begins with the masculine noun ?? = 'L that denotes "strength & power" and was common to most Semitic languages as denoting "the supreme God".  In the Occidental Semitic language related to Phoenician and to the language of Canaan that was adopted by the Israelites, the Ugaritic pantheon was presided over by El (i.e. ?? = 'L) (Larousse World Mythology, pg 86/7).  The proper noun Israel = ????? means: ? = he ?? = ruler ?? = El/God.  The plural masculine noun ????? = Elhym appears to denote the multifaceted nature of the Israelites' monotheistic conception of their Deity. Therefore ????? can be contextually perceived as "a distinctive and descriptive appellation (or title)" that denotes the strengths and powers of the Israelites' monotheistic conception of their one true God.  None the less, ????? or Elohim is a common noun and so too is ?? = El, for the Name of the Israelites" multifaceted monotheistic Deity is ???? {perhaps meaning: ? = he ??? = becomes and/or ? = he ??? = destruction; e.g. Isaiah 45:7 I form light and create darkness: I make peace and create calamity; I ???? do all this).


Dear Gerry,

Due to a font problem, I got the usual corrupted gibberish????   As a result I was unable to properly follow your line of thought. So please bear with me while I ask the following clarification regarding your response to James. 

In your opinion is: 

'LHYM ('LH) derived from `l  or simply a synonym for deity?  

Best regards.

Ishinan Ishibashi 

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